Today, the citizen’s relationship with the urban context is moving towards the spreading of new practices for the re-appropriation of public spaces all over the world. It is becoming clearer nowadays, that only the city that improves the quality of life of its inhabitants is truly smart, putting the human element at the centre of every urban project.


The reappropriation of public space

Image © Ciudad Emergente – Panama Camina

Whether you live in a metropolis or a small town, you have likely seen it for yourself. Cities around the world are implementing flexible, creative and light interventions to catalyse profound changes within the urban context.

Tactical Urbanism proposes an alternative method to achieve urban regeneration that works mainly at the small scale of a street, a block or a building. Similar to the way acupuncture inserts needles into one part of the body to boost the well-being of the entire organism, a “tactical” project can lead to positive changes in a whole neighbourhood.

It can be considered as a tool to carry out experimental projects with a high communicative value, aiming to the improvement of public spaces or even the creation of new ones. It can “heal” and therefore renew some areas that have lost identity and functions over time, transforming them into more lively and pleasant ones.

Tactical interventions may vary significantly in scope, size, budget, and support. However, they all share the common goal of rethinking the public space with an innovative approach.

“Cities are not problems. They are solutions!”


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