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TerraViva is a Platform dedicated to the organisation of international Architecture Competitions

TerraViva connects the most talented architects around the world with partners and stakeholders looking for high quality projects to rehabilitate a building, to redesign an urban plot or even to transform a whole district.

We promote the best architecture challenges making them accessible to every designer in the world, boosting innovative practices focused on environmental and social sustainability.


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Tactical Urbanism Now!

The challenge of this competition is to imagine more inclusive, resilient and sustainable public spaces. The idea is to think creatively and to experiment with new possibilities to improve the conditions of the cities where we live in.


Wildlife Pavilions

With the aim of challenging anthropocentric architecture and experimenting a new creative process focused on nature, the competition requires the design of 3 small pavilions immersed in the breath-taking landscape of ‚ÄúTorbiere del Sebino‚ÄĚ nature reserve.

Building a Sustainable Future: exploring the best of TerraViva's Awarded Projects

Architecture competitions provide a unique opportunity for designers to explore new ideas and to push the boundaries of their profession. These kind of creative tenders bring together the best and brightest minds in the architecture field, inspiring innovative approaches towards the most relevant design subjects.

TerraViva's mission is to stimulate its community of architects to manage the upcoming urban issues with a strategic vision, highlighting the importance of conceiving resilient cities with sustainable human-scaled environments.

Dealing with topics such as architectural heritage, low-impact construction, adaptive reuse and smart districts, TerraViva organises the most appealing competitions addressing urban regeneration in a creative and innovative way.

Beyond Competitions: TerraViva promotes a wide range of Exhibitions and Workshops

In addition to architecture tenders, TerraViva offers its participants the possibility of showcasing their projects and implementing ideas through a series of exhibitions and workshops. These initiatives work as a stage for international designers to share their proposals with a global audience, gaining recognition within the architecture community.

TerraViva’s projects may vary significantly in scope, size, location and program. However, they all share the common goal of rethinking the creative act of architectural design with an innovative and contemporary approach.

They talk about us

In the press section it is possible to browse all the articles and publications dedicated to TerraViva’s initiatives, highlighting both the awarded projects and the new competitions launched on our platform.

The global media coverage of our tenders allows participants and partners to enjoy wide visibility within the fields of architecture and design.

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