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Eventopia: the Superficial Monument

Eventopia: the Superficial Monument Tactical Urbanism Now! Competition #2020 Milan is a city full of events. Events are extraordinary, transformative, evanescent. They turn on and off. Events are the new social ritual and they build the community. Eventopia is the possibility to design public architectures […]

A Night at the Museum

The heritage of the italian artist Costantino Nivola is concentrated in his homeland, Orani. The Nivola museum’s collection is growing and the body of the museum are constantly expanding. Both the museum’s program and new contemporary features are being integrated: ‘today the Nivola art collection […]

Hangar Ticinum Competition

Pavia is a charming Italian city of around 70.000 inhabitants, located along the banks of the Ticino river and just 30 km away from Milan. During the twentieth century, like many other towns in the north of Italy, it experienced various moments of economic prosperity, enriching […]

Almost Commemorative

[the monumental – the ordinary] the new spatial condition is the transformation of the ordinary to the monumental. as the act of mining lose its substantial value, it becomes a symbol. while the museum celebrates commemorative signi-flcance as a form of monument that is differentiated […]