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Who can participate in the competition?
The competition is open to students, architects, designers, urbanists, engineers, artists, makers, activists and anyone interested in the transformation of the contemporary urban space.
Is it possible to participate in a team?
Participants can join the competition either individually or with a team and there is no restriction or limit in the number of members that can compose a team.
Why registration fees?
Registration fees are used to cover the running costs of the competition and to improve customer care services. The registration fees cover taxes, web services, database services and everything related to computer security and the processing of personal data. Registration fees allow us to organize new initiatives to promote creativity and to feed the debate on present and future issues regarding climate change, natural-based solutions and social engagement.
Can I enrol to the competition with my Company or Architecture/Design firm?
Yes, you can participate with your Company. To issue your invoice, we ask you to provide your Tax identification number or your VAT Number, and the country of origin at:
If your Company is based in Europe, we should verify the correctness of your VAT number via the EU Tax authorities (VIES VAT number validation).
How do I register a team?
During the registration we only need the personal data of the group leader. The other team members will be indicated in the final submission package at the end of the competition. You will find all the instructions after registering, in the folder that will be sent to you by e-mail.
Where can I indicate the name of my group mates? (in case you participate as a team)
During the registration procedure it is required the information of only one of the team members.
The rest of the member/s of your group will be indicated during the submission of the project inside “Folder B_Group Identity”
Is there any discount for registering more than one group at a time?
Regarding the registration of several groups at a time we have customised discount plans that change according to the total number of registrations. For more information, please contact at:
How many projects can be submitted?
The payment of one registration fee allows the participant/team to submit one single project. In order to submit additional projects it is required to pay additional registration fees.
Where can I find the instructions for the submission of the project?
All the necessary material related to the submission is available in the download section after the registration. An additional download link will be sent to you by email.
Which material do I have to include inside the submission package?
The submission package: “YOURCODE_Tactical Urbanism Now_Submission Folder” must contain two folders:
Folder A_Project must contain the project submitted to the jury (A2 panels + Text) + Folder B_Group Identity
Use .zip compression to upload your submission folder in our website (upload section). 
Do I have to choose the Alphanumeric code by myself?
Yes, the “Alphanumeric Code”, must be chosen by yourself, so the numbers and letters you choose are up to you (ex. ABC123).
You will find inside the Download Package a Word file with 6 empty spaces where you have to indicate your code.
This code will be your identification number during the competition and it must be placed in the upper right corner of each panel and in the text file.
If I pay the registration fee today I have to submit my project the same day? Or do I still have time until the deadline?
The final deadline for the project’s submission is November 29th, regardless of when the registration is made (this means that if you register today you have time until the 29th of November to submit your proposal). An early registration only guarantees a discounted price. However you can submit your project in advance from August 1st. To upload your project please go to the “upload section” on our website (available from August 1st).
What is meant by public space?
The concept of “public space” includes a large number of possibilities within a city: streets, sidewalks, squares, parks, corners, seats, bus stops, playgrounds, parking lots and many more.
Is there a defined project area?
Participants are free to choose their own site and encouraged to be creative and innovative when it comes to the decision of where to locate their project.
What representation techniques can be used?
Diagrams, sketches, 3D visualizations, plans and sections, collages, model photos, etc… All kinds of graphic representations will be accepted.
Is it possible to include text inside the A2 panels?
Yes, it is possible to include text inside the A2 panels. Any kind of text, explanation, data regarding the project will be allowed to be written on the panels – as long as it does not contain any information revealing the identity of the participants – (ex. name, surname, office name, university, etc.).
Is it possible to submit extra material apart from the 2 A2 panels and the 250 words text?
No, it will only be accepted the requested material for the submission (2 A2 panels + 250 words text). Any kind of extra material will not be accepted.
Will it be possible to submit a project that has partly being crafted during University?
Yes, it is possible to submit a project that has been partially/totally crafted during University. Make sure you have the rights to present the project in case you have done it with other people in the past or the project was part of another competition. You can find more info about the eligibility rules inside the competition Brief.
How the jury evaluates the competition? Does it happen in rounds?
The jury will evaluate the submitted proposals according to the following principles:
– Originality of the concept;
– Flexibility and multi-functionality;
– Creative regeneration of the context;
– Social impact of the proposal;
– Use of  “Tactical” techniques;
– Graphic representation;
Projects that express a special sensitivity towards tactical design and quality architectural solutions will be highly appreciated. Reaching deep technical-constructive details will not be considered extremely important in the evaluation process. After the submission deadline (29.11.2020), the jury will have 21 days to evaluate all the submitted proposals one by one and select the best ones. There won’t be a second submission round.
Should the design proposals be built projects or can I apply with a non-built project?
In this competition it is not necessary that the proposals have been built, projects of all kinds can be submitted. Tactical Urbanism Now! is a design competition of ideas opened to everybody for editorial purposes. All the awarded proposals will be transmitted to architectural magazines and websites and might be hosted in international exhibitions.
Are there any restrictions on the nationality of the participants?
Teams can be composed by members of different nationalities and there are no restrictions about country of residence.
Is delivery of a hard copy of the A2 panels required?
Participants are required to submit the A2 panels only digitally, there’s no need to present any kind of hard copy.
Is this a design only competition?
Yes, it is a design competition. This means that the winning project will not be built. The aim of this competition is to promote economic, social, and environmental sustainability for the development of new urban planning practices. Best proposals will be transmitted to architectural magazines and websites and could be hosted in international exhibitions.
Can participants checkout without a PayPal account?
For participants, signing up for a PayPal account is optional. This means that you can complete your payment by debit or credit card, even without having a PayPal account. If you want to preceed in this way, please choose “Pay with card” on the PayPal page.
Are there alternative payment methods besides PayPal and Credit/Debit cards?
For alternative payment methods you can contact us by email at
How can I upload my project?
You can upload your project through the “Upload” page of our website. Fill out the upload form with your code and the email used for the registration. Submission deadline is 29.11.2020 – 11:59 PM CET
I didn’t receive the confirmation email. Is there a way to check if everything has been uploaded properly?
If you have not received your receipt please check the spam or junk folder of your e-mail account. For any inquiry, please contact us at:
Who will own the rights to the project after delivery?
In this ideas competition, the authorship rights remain to you. By registering, you just give TerraViva Competitions the right to publish and diffuse your project online and in exhibitions/magazines, etc.
Can you clarify the autorship/intellectual property/realization rights of a submitted project for “Tactical Urbanism Now!” Competition?
In this competition we apply the Reproduction right and the Publication right only (art. 12 of the Italian Copyright Law), because we are promoting a design competition of ideas only. The Reproduction right is the right to reproduce the work. It refers to the direct or indirect reproduction for direct or indirect commercial purposes. The right of publication is the right to offer the work to the public. The author shall have the right to object to any distortion, mutilation or other modification of his work that would be prejudicial to his reputation (art. 2 of Italian Copyright Law).
Moreover, TerraViva recognizes the legal and philosophical basis of the moral rights of creators with respect to creative and artistic works. Moral rights are the exclusive rights granted by the law to the author in order to protect his personality. Such right of authorship may be exercised at any time by the author (art. 20 of Italian Copyright Law).

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